Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I keep getting a warning about eccentric_anomaly_from_mean_anomaly reaching a maximum number of iterations ==============================================================================

If you see a RuntimeWarning about eccentric_anomaly_from_mean_anomaly(), this likely just means the iterative method we use to solve for the eccentric anomaly is getting stuck in a limit cycle. This can happen when your data span a huge range in days. But don’t worry too much about this – for most extreme cases (e.g., when the data span years) the variations are below \(10^{-11}\). If you see this warning, you can just increase the default tolerance from \(10^{-13}\) to \(10^{-11}\) to remove the warning. From the high-level interface (e.g., from JokerParams), pass the keyword argument anomaly_tol=1E-11 to the class on initialization to change the tolerance.