thejoker.plot_rv_curves(samples, t_grid=None, rv_unit=None, data=None, ax=None, plot_kwargs={}, data_plot_kwargs={}, add_labels=True, relative_to_t_ref=False, apply_mean_v0_offset=True)[source]

Plot radial velocity curves for the input set of orbital parameter samples over the input grid of times.


Posterior samples from The Joker.

t_gridarray_like, Time, optional

Array of times. Either in BMJD or as an Astropy Time object. If not specified, the time grid will be set to the data range with a small buffer.

rv_unitUnitBase, optional

The units to use when plotting RV’s.

dataRVData, optional

Over-plot the data as well.

axAxes, optional

A matplotlib axes object to plot on to. If not specified, will create a new figure and plot on that.

plot_kwargsdict, optional

Passed to matplotlib.pyplot.plot().

data_plot_kwargsdict, optional

Passed to thejoker.RVData.plot().

add_labelsbool, optional

Add labels to the axes or not.

relative_to_t_refbool, optional

Plot the time axis relative to samples.t_ref.